Product category
Product brandProduct characteristics
Product application
Composite 6T
High gloss, high flow
Electrical shell, electronic parts
Enhanced 6T
T6620 NG6
High rigidity, high heat resistance
Electrical appliances, space shuttle, electronics, automobile, machinery and other parts
T6620 NG9
Flame retardant 6T
T6130 NV0
Environment friendly flame retardant v0

Flame retardant reinforced 6T
T6630 NVG6

High heat resistance, environmental protection, flame retardant

Dimensional stability and weldability

T6630 NVG9
Wear resistant grade 6T
T6690 NS2
High wear resistance, high flow and stable size

T6690 NS4
Thermal conductivity 6T
T6600 AL05
heat conduction

T6600 AL10

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