Treatment method of mould scale of plastic products in Jiangmen project

2020-09-14 14:25:57

It is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the mould when we can't eliminate the mould scale by various methods.

Mold scale on the surface of the mold is relatively simple to remove at the initial stage, so it is necessary to clean and maintain the mold cavity and exhaust channel on time (for example, after each batch of molding production). If the mould is not maintained for a long time, it is not simple and time-consuming to remove the mould scale after forming a thicker layer.

Injection mold maintenance and maintenance of the spray used are mainly: mold release agent, rust inhibitor, thimble oil, gel remover, mold cleaning agent, etc.

The chemical composition of mold scale is very complex, so it is necessary to use and check new methods to eliminate the scale, such as general solvents and various special solvents, oven spray, lemonade containing caffeine, etc. There are special rubber track cleaning methods used together.

When hot runner molding and thermal activation data are used, the residence time of melt will be longer, which will increase the risk of data differentiation and forming mold scale. The screw of injection molding machine is sorted.

The standard large runner and gate should be used when forming the data of active shear force. The multi-point gate can reduce the moving distance, lower the injection speed and reduce the risk of mold scale.

Efficient mold exhaust can reduce the possibility of mold fouling, and appropriate mold exhaust should be set in the mold design stage. The improvement of exhaust system often leads to the reduction of mold scale.

The special non stick coating on the surface of mould cavity can prevent the formation of mould scale, so the effect of coating should be checked and evaluated. Titanium nitride treatment on the inner surface of the mould can prevent the formation of mold scale on the mold.

Source: Jiangmen engineering plastics

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