1. Ronglong's goal: to create a world famous brand and build a century old Ronglong base industry.

2. Ronglong vision: focus on the research of green environmental protection modified plastics, promote the society to replace steel with plastic and wood with plastic, so as to make the society more energy-saving and emission reduction more environmentally friendly, build a green home and share a happy life.

3. Ronglong's business direction: Based on the Pearl River Delta, radiating all over China and distributing all over the world.

4. Ronglong business philosophy: innovation, integrity, focus on win-win situation

5. Ronglong management policy: good research and development, quality, follow service, keep faith, present value.

6. Ronglong spirit: dare to create, dare to break, dare to bear.

7. Ronglong code of conduct: absorbed, dedicated, loyal and responsible.

8. Ronglong's view of talents: virtue and talent are prepared and morality is the first.

9. Ronglong team consciousness: consistent direction, consistent thinking, consistent action and unity.


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